BYOD: Flexibly Deal with Growing Demand

Chapter 1

The immense growth of the post, parcel and express (PP&E) market, largely driven by e-commerce, is a huge opportunity.

Companies are looking for ways to fulfil demand, embrace the gig economy, navigate demand fluctuations, and mitigate the high cost same day delivery.

Adopting a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy is a growing trend which helps last mile service providers meet surging demand levels and simplify onboarding delivery staff. With demand growing at unpredictable rates, companies need flexibility to scale their workforce with little notice.

With BYOD, workers use the company’s delivery mobile app on their personal smartphone. With a scanning-enabled app on a familiar, easy-to-use smart device, employees are trained faster, work more efficiently and with greater satisfaction.

Factors why BYOD makes sense

Using a software smart device scanning solution, rather than dedicated scanners, can typically lower the TCO (total cost of ownership) by 70%. BYOD means no need to own, stock, or maintain company devices, creating further cost savings.

Potential device loss or damage is cited as a BYOD risk. In reality, employees are more likely to look after their own devices. User satisfaction also increases with no need to carry and use multiple devices. BYOD security and usage policies further mitigate risks.

This eBook offers best practice guidance for deploying a successful BYOD strategy with the right scanning solution, with real-life success stories.