Getting Started with Scandit

Chapter 8

We will work closely with you to support your strategic business objectives through digital transformation.

Adding Scandit’s computer vision technology to your mobile platform will provide innovation today and into the future. Our solutions consultants provide technical and best practice expertise to help you navigate these key steps:

  • Identify the business goals and/or pain points
    What needs to change and why?
  • Select a use case that can enable this change
    E.g. PUDO, ID verification, proof of delivery, special parcel identification etc.
  • Requirements gathering
    Specify the solution and business case, and set KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Deliver solution
    Configure, build and user test.
  • Field test
    Monitor in-live scenario and track analytics.
  • Validate business case
    Assess KPI results and learnings, and adjust the solution and processes as necessary.
  • Roll-out
    Manage roll-out plan and assess KPI results and ROI.
  • Build out
    Develop business case for additional use case solutions.

We can advise you on the use cases best suited to meet your needs and goals, supported by business cases and KPIs. When integrating our technology into your own tailored apps using our SDKs (software development kits), the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We also offer solutions to add scanning to existing enterprise apps where no integration is needed. Developers tell us they appreciate our well-structured and easy-to-use documentation.

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Scandit’s award-winning mobile computer vision software enables barcode scanning, text and object recognition for enterprise apps and delivers real-time insights through AR overlay.

Publication last updated: 22 July 2020