How BYOD Supports the Last Mile

Chapter 2

The adoption of a BYOD strategy brings the added benefit of employee flexibility and engagement.

Couriers are able to use their own device to download and run enterprise-grade scanning software to accelerate and connect a host of tasks in the last mile journey.

Sprint the last mile affordably

Scandit’s advanced mobile data capture technology has helped many post, parcel and express enterprises to sprint the last mile affordably.

Watch this video to find out more:

Explore how it works from the Depot to Doorstep

With a single scan, a busy driver using their personal device can instantly find packages that are high value, time-sensitive or need redirecting.

MatrixScan identifies a single package from many and an AR-overlay gives the courier real-time information directly on the screen of their smart device – visually highlighting special delivery instructions like a change of address.

This brings key benefits for:

  • Remote Pickup at Depot and Third-Party Locations
    Depot and third-party parcel pickup locations, like shops, garages and kiosks, no longer need dedicated scanning hardware.
  • Returns and Complaints
    Each returned parcel or complaint represents a dissatisfied customer, so they must be processed quickly and easily.
  • Proof of Delivery 
    Using a familiar personal smartphone to scan barcodes, record an electronic signature, scan an ID, or take a photo.

Delivering speed and efficiency

From the warehouse to a customer’s doorstep, PostNL track and trace packages easily with a Scandit-powered app. Their BYOD equips all 27,000 employees with efficient and accurate scanning at every point of the last mile.

“Scandit supported our BYOD strategy, giving staff high performing scanning through our ‘Mijn werk’ smartphone app. The results: flexibility during busy peaks, cost savings with no need to purchase extra devices, and happier staff using their preferred personal devices.”

Bart Beerden / Product Owner Field Services – PostNL