How Smart Data Capture Innovates Retail Operations

Chapter 2

Scandit has helped many retailers deploy smart data capture technology onto smart devices, in place of dedicated scanning hardware, to bring flexibility, improved efficiency and cost reduction to store operations.

Our mobile barcode scanning and text recognition solutions with augmented reality (AR), enable retailers to blend the physical and digital worlds inside brick-and-mortar stores, by supporting many operational use cases and different styles of working.

Retail Operations Use Cases

Digitalization behind the scenes is a must to boost operational efficiency. Replacing hardware scanners with a smart device enables staff to capture barcodes from multiple items on a shelf in a single sequence and view real-time stock information on the device screen with an augmented reality overlay – it’s up to 40% faster.

Counting of received goods and inventory

Shift tedious inventory counting tasks to technology by using MatrixScan Count. An out-of-the-box solution for receiving goods and inventory. Scan and count multiple items simultaneously with smart devices to boost worker productivity, reduce human error and maintain accurate stock levels.

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In-Store Use Cases

Customers and employees enjoy using smart data capture to interact with products. For example, personalized offers and promotions can be displayed using an AR-overlay by pointing a smart device, equipped with Scandit MatrixScan at a shelf. And employees can be directed to the correct area ensuring accurate picking when fulfilling orders.

Order fulfilment



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