The Business Case for Mobile Smart Data Capture

Chapter 5

There are three big measurable benefits for retailers who implement smart data capture software on mobile devices:

  1. Reduced operational costs
  2. Improved efficiency and productivity
  3. Greater employee satisfaction and retention

1. Reduced operational costs

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Scandit software scanning solution on smart devices is typically one-third that of traditional dedicated scanning devices.

Retailers who integrate digital technologies into their supply chains see service levels increase rapidly and costs drop by up to 30%.

Bain & Company

2. Improved efficiency and productivity

Speeding up everyday processes and providing employees with faster access to more accurate information can bring significant time savings and increase employee productivity.

Routine tasks are more efficient, releasing more time for employees to spend on other tasks such as helping customers. One Scandit client calculated a total 11,000 man-hours per day could be gained and reported significant opex savings, after deploying a retail operations mobile solution.

Estimated efficiency savings from a large grocer by deploying one smart device for multiple operational tasks.

Scandit Customer Data

3. Greater employee satisfaction and retention

Empowering employees with digital tools to do their job can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on attracting and motivating employees.

For example, a large French retailer reported 100% employee satisfaction after an HR-led initiative to deploy Scandit Smart Data Capture for their retail operations on COPE smartphones.

One factor was the 50% reduction in the number of steps their employees took each shift.

Team members learnt to operate the Scandit scanning-enabled smartphone app in just five minutes.