Scandit Retail Operations Customers

Chapter 6

Our retail clients are using Scandit technology in different ways to bring operational efficiencies to the back-of-house and shop floors.

Faster store operations and lower costs for Coop Denmark

Coop boosted efficiency and employee satisfaction by moving manual tasks like order picking, rescan, loyalty scanning and markdowns onto scanning-enabled mobile apps on smartphones. The Scandit-powered app deployed on 2,000 employees’ devices was transformational.

“Our staff love using the Scandit-powered apps, and replacing and supplementing dedicated scanners with lower-end smartphones has helped to lower our total cost of ownership, without impacting scanning performance.”

Simon Færch, Head of Digital Product Innovation and Digital Customer Experience, Coop Denmark
colruyt group

Colruyt group – smartphone scanning streamlines store operations

Colruyt, Belgium’s largest retail conglomerate replaced shared, dedicated scanning devices with high-performance, Scandit-powered smartphones for over 16,000 store staff as part of their drive to optimize retail operations.

Store staff on the shop floor can now respond to customer queries in real-time, by retrieving product information or checking stock with a simple scan on their individual smartphone. The customer’s in-store experience has also transformed, as feedback on product queries is fast and accurate.

We’re now well on the way to completely transforming ourselves through digitalization. We’ve achieved operational cost savings, we have happier employees and we’ve saved a lot of valuable time.

Christophe Dehandschutter, National Sales Director Belux at Colruyt Group
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